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   Financial Leasing
Leasing is a financial tool, for mid or long term financing, in order to obtain & use capital assets (passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, trucks & heavy vehicles, equipment, etc) which companies, entrepreneurs and individuals utilize for productive & investing purposes or for personal use.

According to the leasing contract the leasing company transfers most of the risks & rewards associated with the ownership of the asset to the client. Although the leasing company maintains ownership over the asset, the asset is booked and depreciated by the client. In terms of taxation, the client is allowed to deduct depreciation & interest costs from its taxable profit.

Advantages of financial leasing:
As a modern flexible and effective financial tool, leasing offers the following advantages:
  • The ability to finance fixed assets without providing further reassurances to the Leasing Company.
  • The improvement of a company’s capital structure & its credit rating. Companies do not use working capital to acquire the equipment needed.
  • The utilization of financial resources that comes from privately-owned financial assets (sale & lease back).
  • Option for financing the total value of the asset plus VAT.
  • The customer can prepay any time the contract & gain ownership of the asset.
  • Adjustments of the payments & the duration according to the seasonality of the business activities.
  • Leasing company is the legal owner of the leased object; consequently, additional collaterals usually are not needed.

   Full Payout Leasing
With Full Payout leasing, your leasing installments are structured to ensure that the full cost of financing the asset, including all related costs, is completely amortised by the end of the contracted period.

To see how advance payments and/or deposits affect leasing fees and the total cost of financing, click on the arrows.

Regular leasing payments and the total financing cost can be reduced through an advance payment (for tax reasons, up to a maximum of 30% of the total asset value).

The total cost of financing is the sum of the leasing payments, the advance payment, and the calculated residual value (in the amount of one payment) and the processing fees.

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