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Here you can find questions frequently asked by our clients. They are divided into several categories. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. It will be our pleasure to provide you with an answer!
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What is a financing claim?
Financing claim is a form into which the client enters his or her data (for individuals) or company data (for legal entities).

What is intercalate interest?
Leasing payment is always due on the first day of the month and the deadline for the payment is the following eight work days. If the client takes over the vehicle in one month and the first payment is due only on the first day of the next month, the client is requested to pay the intercalate interest for the number of days during which he or she has been using the vehicle before he or she started repaying the payments regularly. The intercalate interest is the cost which is entered into the invoice only once during the duration of the financial leasing agreement.

Why do I pay the VAT in advance?
The VAT Law prescribes that in case of the financial leasing, the VAT for the entire value of the contract must be calculated and paid immediately upon takeover of the object of the leasing.

At what exchange rate are the payments made?
The payments are made at the sell exchange rate of the Piraeus Bank on the day of the payment, provided that the payment in commercial banks is done by 3 p.m. in order for the appropriate exchange rate to be applied.

I make the payments even before the first day of the month, but I seem to owe something. How is that possible?
The leasing payments are always due on the first work day of the month and the system registers the liability from that day on. Any earlier payments are stored by the system as advance payments till the moment the next payment is due. As the lessee is required to make the payments at the daily exchange rate of the Piraeus Bank, which is changed almost every day, sometimes there is a difference between the exchange rate on the day the payment was made and the day when the payment was due. It would be advisable to make the payments between the first and the ninth day of the month.

What is the Special authorization for initiating and ending the procedure of taking over the object of the financial leasing into the actual possession of the lessor?
The Special authorization is a document which provides our lawyers with the authority to make and sign, on behalf and for the benefit of the donor of the power of attorney as the Lessee in the meaning of the Article 30 of the Financial Leasing Law, a joint proposal that a court should schedule a hearing at which it will be entered into the records that the parties to the agreement have agreed that in case the lessee fails to make the leasing payment when it becomes due according to the contract, the Piraeus Leasing, as the Lessor, has the right to take over the object of the leasing, as stated in the financial leasing agreement, into its actual possession.

In what way do legal entities make their payments?
Legal entities make the payments through their current account.

Can the financing be granted to companies which have been operating for a year or less?
It can be granted, but in that case the company must have a guarantor, i.e. another company that has been operating stably for more than two years.

Does Piraeus Leasing have a price list for objects of the leasing?
As regards prices of the objects of the leasing, the clients should first address their suppliers. Piraeus Leasing can only provide the expected price range for the common objects of the leasing.

Is my reported or actual salary relevant information?
Only the reported salary on which taxes and social security contributions are made is the valid factor for evaluating solvency of individuals.
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