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When you apply for rent, you will be asked to submit:
  • a completed leasing application form,
  • the appropriate accompanying documents.
The specific documents required will depend on whether the applicant is a legal entity, a private entrepreneur, or a private individual.

Download rent application forms:

    Request for Rent - private individuals
    Request for Rent - legal entities
    Request for Rent - private entrepreneurs
    Request for Rent - commercial vehicles and equipment

You can get all the information you need on Piraeus Rent in your nearest Piraeus Bank branch.

For detailed information on our simple leasing procedure, please call us on +381 11 222 8 600.

  Telephone / E-Mail
011 222 8 600 Pošaljite nam email

Based on its highly skilled staff and investing on its continuous amelioration, Piraeus Leasing is determined to provide its customers the highest possible level of services.

Piraeus Leasing is in very cloose cooperation with the branch network of Piraeus Bank, where the potential clients can buy all its products & services.
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